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KATO Industry, Chocolate Branch, provides chocolate manufacturing machines and offers machine maintenance service also.

KATO Industry Co., Ltd. Chocolate Branch,
privides chocolate manufacturing machines
that are carefully developed through the eyes of our customers,
and offers machine maintenance service also.
We recently developed "Choco Master Pro",
which is a chocolate coating machine, in collaboration
with Naomi Mizuno, winner of World Chocolate Masters 2007.
We made our constant efforts to downsize the machine,
pursuing machine efficiency and the quality of chocolate products so that
our customers could efficiently work even if their available space is limited.

Choco Master Pro(Function・Feature)

Easy operation for High-quality Tempering

Function 1

Easy operation for
High-quality Tempering
Just press the button; you will see high quality tempering.
Heater and refrigerant manage temperature without any water.

Tempering with uniform temperature

Function 2

Tempering with uniform temperature
Stiring function is equipped in the chocolate tank for avoiding temperature differences and creating tempered chocolate.
The stiring speed is adjustable; by stiring slowly, air bubbles are prevented. Depending on the amount of chocolate, the range of stiring is variable.


Function 3

Wide open chocolate tank will provide easy operation for molding.
Molding scraper is also equipped within the tank.


Function 4

It is easy to install a conveyor to become an anrobing machine.

Touch panel realizes easy operation

Function 5

Touch pannel realize easy operation.
It will control temperature flexibly and also easily adjust conveyor speed, amount of chocolate, and blower. Manual mode is equipped to manage inside machine temperature easily.

Dividing Conveyor Performance

Function 6

Driving Conveyor Performance
Without any tools, the conveyor can be divided into the three parts. It is easy to clean the machine and help you to save space.

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